Warning for binary options

Warning for binary options

Scams Financial Inspections in several European countries warn of a variety of rogue companies involved in binary options.

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A rogue industry
First, we note that the binary options is not in itself something fishy. Business Wire wrote even about the subject when the Stockholm Stock Exchange some years ago introduced the possibility of trading these instruments.

In short, it is based on guessing about such a share is to be sold above or below a certain level at a certain time. If you guess correctly, you get back more than you invested. Would you guess wrong, you lose everything.

It is as I said to trade these instruments on the Stockholm Stock Exchange but also by reputable companies such as IG Markets.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of rogue actors online dealing with binary options. They often online advertising where people “testify” about how much money they earned to trade binary options. Not infrequently, these stories completely fabricated and the picture is of someone completely unknown person. The images may appear in several contexts on the web but then called the person is often quite different.

Many of these players are not licensed to conduct business, and chances are that you could be fooled. There are many examples of people who have not received their money when they had the good fortune to guess right.

Swedish Financial Supervisory warning list includes many actors involved in binary options. French financial AMF has a comprehensive list of operators who are not licensed. The entire 222 sites listed, but the AMF points out that it is absolutely not complete. New sites pop up all the time online, while others shut down.

The Belgian Financial Supervision FSMA writes while on his site that binary options is not suitable for ordinary investors. The risk of losing the invested money is greater than the chance to earn money which makes it dangerous to invest in binary options, mean the FSMA.opinioni opzioni binarie/

Baidu seo tipps 2016

Baidu seo tipps 2016

Baidu is completely Chinese search engine whose only real competitor is Google. In 2007, Baidu had sales of 12 billion Swedish kronor, so it is not a small search engine. If you want to reach the Chinese market with search engine optimization, it is not enough just Google, one must be able to handle Baidu also. The search engine has 62% of the Chinese search market. Nayadim באידו

SEO for Baidu

Baidu is not at all an equally sophisticated algorithm that Google when it comes to assessing the relevance of links. This means that it is more easily influenced, but also the amount of links that are needed to achieve results is higher. Another big difference with Google is that the Meta keywords and Meta-description still plays a major role in Baidu.

In other respects it is quite similar but the server’s location plays a larger role than Google. If you want to get traffic from China, it’s preferable to a server in China. Simplified Chinese is the obvious choice when it comes to language if you’re aiming for visitors from China.

Advantages and disadvantages of optionfair

Advantages and disadvantages of optionfair
There are many advantages to trade binary options with an international site. You will get access to a much larger base of registered customers and this is evident when you look at the prices and gifts that the site provides. As a trader, you can participate in sweepstakes where you can win things like cars and huge prizes. In addition, you can take advantage of other special bonuses that are adapted to the level it is at. There is of course a disadvantage that there is no demo account, especially for the beginners. Otherwise, it should be mentioned that you can also shop via their mobile phones by downloading Optionfair’s mobile app. Optionen baer

To find answers to questions we can begin directly on Optionfair’s site. Here are the most answered. You can also send an email or chat instantly with the support of Option Fair. It is not possible to get Swedish support via phone where you have to use an international phone number and speak in English.baer Optionen

Optimism or concern in the US

Optimism or concern in the US

Optimism or concern in the US

US economy surges and stock markets are at an all-time high. However, many analysts point to the fact that this might be a bobble ready to burst.

While the DOW and S&P500 closed at an all-time high this Monday it involves great risk investing in the US. However, several major players, such as Apple, continue to show good numbers so maybe the US economy is not that shaky after all.binarie opzioni i

Dollar at a high level

The Dollar continues to remain at a high level. There is still considerable tension with Russia and the oil is cheap, but has recovered somewhat. Even though the Dollar has stabilized, it seems that it will continue to rise for a while before plummeting.

The change could happen this Friday with information on nonfarm payrolls for the United States. Simply put – the job situation in the United States. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

This plays a significant role in both the US dollar index rates and how it goes on the European stock markets afterwards. We are all dependent on trade agreements with the United States. opzioni binarie

The sensational Live Roulette Gambling robot has arrived

The sensational Live Roulette Gambling robot has arrived

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Binary Option Algotrading Robot Review

Binary Option Algotrading Robot Review
during a test of Binary Option Robot software,I was impressed with the ease of use and the exceptionally unique features. I have found in the past that automatic trading software usually requires the trader to operate the active trading . Binary Option Robot allowed us also to act when I was not online and has actively traded. There are options which, if they are properly configured, allow one to define the maximum number of trades that are to be completed every day, how much you are willing to risk on the trade, what should be the maximum daily loss how high and what assets to be traded. Binary Option Robot is the perfect software to make the binary options trading in a very pleasant way profit.

Using Binary Option Robot
I was pleased with how easy it was to start this 100% automated trading robot. I had only the level of risk set that we want to take the money that we would pay for our Free Account. The account setup process was very simple, it had only a few fields with personal data filled in and / brokers are selected, the / that we wanted to use. One of the most attractive features was the fact that a step-by-step guide was available for testing, and that we even had access to a live customer chat, if any problems would have occurred – but I have not.

How Binary Option Robot actually works?
Binary Option Robot uses a sophisticated algorithm to trade, which will compare an undetermined amount of data from previous years to predict market changes. The fact is that we have achieved a significant gain with the use of this tool, without having the more technical details, which are provided by the Site, understood. The amount you have to pay in order to start trading, depends on the / broker / n, you choose. There is no maximum amount, which has some advantage.

The returns that I achieved with Binary Option Robot, hung from the end of the level of risk that we were willing to take. I have achieved up to 83% return on my test. In fact, it makes this software a very easy to change the level of risk in a display with a range from green to red, depending on the desire and the higher was the risk, the better the chances to make money, and vice versa.

Binary Option Robot offers free software; However, you can also opt for a VIP account. This offers premium features that are not available with the free version available.

Customer Service
It offered a number of different options through the customer service of Binary Option Robot. You can call us directly and speak with the service staff or contact them via live chat feature. The best part is that we never had to wait when we had questions or concerns about our account. You can read about the Binary Option Robot software more :in o9ckxz roboter and list of available broker to trade with in o9ckxz ;;::=מממ